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Denise Burridge Photography

White Anemone

When I think of my packaging for the client. I want it to be something from me. Yes, I could just get everything store bought. Then I wouldn’t be able to put my own touch. For a while now, I have been looking for a flower that I felt went with my over all look. I’m a minimalist so I like a clean and timeless look. From research the meaning of the white Anemone is anticipation. When delivering a product, I have the feeling of excitement about the client getting to see their photographs. Which makes it perfect! As an artisan I love making theses out of clay. Each one is a one of a kind just like my clients. When you look closely, there’s a little bit of me in each flower. Since theses are hand made you will find my finger prints. I hope you love the handmade Anemone clay flowers as much as I love making them for my clients. 

xo Denise