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Priceless Moments | Las Vegas Family Portrait Photography

This beautiful child pulls at my heart strings.

On Sunday, I went over to his home to photograph his beautiful family and the addition of his little sister. For me there isn’t anything better than photographing your family in the comfort of your own home. Some may know this photography as A Day In The Life, Lifestyle, Documentary, Photojournalistic or Modern Storytelling. I call it real, priceless moments that you will cherish in years to come. As I was culling thru the session yesterday I found this heart warming image of Little B. We were at that time in the kitchen. Mom was making pizza for lunch. OMG can this woman cook and it’s all from scratch but what is even worse is she makes it seem so easy. All of a sudden I felt this HUGE hug. When I’m on a shoot I never put my camera down because everything is in the moment. This is the image I captured. What’s amazing is that this is the way his wonderful Mom sees him everyday. Being a part of a family whether it’s for 2 hours or 24 hours is always an amazing experience that I treasure always.

Check back soon as I share more of their images.

xo Denise