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C’s Day:

When I was contact by C’s Mom it felt like we were already friends. We talked about how he had just turned 2 and that he was very friendly and not shy at all. C’s Mom had concerns about the fact that at 2 their biggest challenge she felt for the images would be that he wanted to move around. We discussed different options in ref to locations and the over all look of the session. In the end we decided together on shooting in their home. What a better way to document your 2 year old than in his own environment.

A week before the session C’s Mom and I made an appointment for me to meet C and see the house in reference to the natural light availability. I prefer to shoot natural light with small children because it’s less of a distraction for them. Plus, they are always on the move so if you are lugging lighting equipment around you just might miss those spilt second moments. C was just as C’s Mom described him. I just wanted to squeeze him because he was so sweet.

For the photographs we decided to do a lifestyle session with the family enjoying one of their favorite past times baking. C’s Mom did an amazing job in reference to colors and tonality. The colors from each outfit could be found in the other outfits making it pleasing to the eye but not being matchie. Is that even a word? Well it is today =) The other accents were in the same tonality as the outfits where the interplay of light and dark served as a visual map to guide your eyes into and out of the photograph. Colors are very important to a photograph as they set the mood and it will help give it a more dimension by using the light and dark tonal values.

I had a lot of fun with C’s family and I look forward to seeing them soon! It was such a wonderful blessing to be apart of their family for that day.

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prosperity, peace and love

Denise xo