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This session was a gift for our friends Nick and Ally but little did they know the gift they gave me that day. Since attending, WPPI The Road Show 2013 this August I have been putting a lot of thought into where my photography journey was going to take me here in Las Vegas. I am a visual storyteller and it’s hard for me to express that in words. My friend Danielle sent me this in ref to their session and it brought tears to my eyes. Danielle captured the essence of my photography beautifully in her words. “You capture a family, a moment, a feeling, a time. You love to document the life and love of a family, without stress or acting, just a glimpse of the life that they nurture with everything they have. That passion for their family deserves more than matching shirts and poses. They deserve to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and dynamic relationship that everyone else around them sees. Imagine having someone who can connect with your family enough to blend in and catch that moment that you may not remember today, but will be part of the snap shot memories you have in your mind years from now when you think of this time in your life.” This is the gift I want to share with EVERYONE! I’m so excited to announce that as of today I will be photographing engagements, day before and day after wedding sessions, weddings and of course portraits! I feel that this is where my journey is heading. I’m so happy to share this new part of the journey with you!

prosperity, peace and love

xo Denise


Please note that this session was a SUCCESS due to a wonderful group of creatives from the Las Vegas Area! Make sure to give them LOVE on their facebook pages! I am very blessed for the collaboration that brought my vision for Nick and Ally’s Day After Wedding session to life!

Thank you to the following vendors

Cake : Joan of Freed’s Bakery

Props: Veronica of  Nostalgic Resources 

Makeup and Hair : Shandell of  Makeup by Shandell


Note from Ally –

A wedding is not a time for feasting, but a time for celebration. When I got engaged to my husband, Nick it was an immediate jump into collaboration of ideas because we wanted to get married in less then five months. Like most young couples on a budget when it came to photography we went with the best option that was affordable for us. If any newly engaged couple were to ask my opinion on budgeting for a wedding, I would suggest spending the extra cash on the things that count. What I mean by that is memories captured by a photographer is far more important then say having open bar for your guests, as I’ve learned from personal experience. Denise Burridge, our friend and gifted photographer approached Nick and I with the idea of a “Day After Wedding” photo shoot. Not knowing what that entailed, Denise diligently was able to paint a picture for us on what the photos would look like. The following weekend we were dressed in our finest and showed up to a Las Vegas mountain scene. The set was beautiful with a vintage feel. Denise had made the details so creatively with fresh garden flowers, a wooden chest and chair, and my favorite accessory (besides my handsome husband) was a mini replication of our wedding cake that by the way was so delicious! We got right to it as we were running off the suns time. Denise knew every detail to make these photos perfect. Her style and demeanor made a camera shy girl like myself feel like a million bucks. Nick and I have a tendency to be silly even in moments where we shouldn’t be, and somehow Denise captured them perfectly. The time flew by as we had so much fun working with Denise. And after a couple weeks seeing the final photos brought me to tears. The photos were absolutely beautiful, and were very personal because my husband had left on a five-month deployment. We were both beyond pleased and value the art of capturing these times more then ever before.

Incase you can’t see the video at the top of the article. You may view it here.