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Las Vegas Lifestyle Photographer  – Conversations with Brides : Why is it important to pick the RIGHT photographer to tell your wedding story.

I was going to write today that it’s worth every penny to hire a professional photographer but then I thought nope I’m going to let my bride share with you in her own words why it’s worth every penny instead. This is a conversation that all brides should be having with each other. What did you treasure most after the wedding, after the cake is eaten and the guest are gone?

A Bride’s Note

“I wanted to share with anyone planning a wedding a tiny tale from a bride (me) who had personal experience of taking the cheaper option and was unhappy with the results. I know spending $2000 on a wedding photographer isn’t possible for everyone, however I wanted to let you know that as with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for…and if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Not realizing the true impact of what I was doing, my fiancé Nick and I asked my friend to shoot our big day. When I received my photos a few weeks after the wedding I was so excited to recap the events of the night. Our guests will always remember how beautiful the venue looked, but for me the day flew by so fast and I don’t remember much of it myself! At first I flipped through the album to glance at everything, and the second time around I slowly took my time to enjoy the photos. I found myself making a pile of “dislikes” and a pile of “likes”. Should I be doing this with my own wedding photos? At the end of my gendering my dislike pile was much larger then my likes. Sadly I only realized how important my wedding pictures were after the big day. If you aren’t using a professional then you need to take some responsibility for the out come, because when it’s all said and done you pay for what you get. I highly suggest removing a budget like for an open bar and really take the time to realize that these photos are a timepiece for the rest of your life. Photographs are the best kept family treasure after such a big moment in a couples life.”

Thank you A for sharing your thoughts with future brides.

Here are some important tips to think about when choosing a photographer

_  find someone that when you view their work, it moves you.

_  ask lots of questions. ask for a portfolio of a complete wedding. ask for referrals, the more questions you ask the better informed you are, to make a decision.

_  it is essential that you feel comfortable and a connection with your photographer. It’s important that they get to know your story so that on your wedding day they are able to capture your unique story that will be shared, protected and cherished forever.

_ one way to make sure that the photographer is a good fit is to have an engagement session with them. You’ll have the opportunity to see how they work and what the final product looks like before the big day

_ last but not least know that price and value are not the same thing. There are amazing photographers in different price points. When I got married many many moons ago we did our entire wedding on a budget of $3,000. For me the most important part was the photography because I valued it. The photographer cost me $800 but I researched my price point until I found someone who was a business professional, had experience, understood my expectations and answered all my questions. $800 was a lot of money for us back then but I love our photographs. My favorite part is sitting on the sofa with the album and sharing that wonderful day with our children now. That is very valuable to me and it is priceless because it will be shared, protected and it will last forever.

Conversations with Brides : Let me know in the comments what would be another conversation you would like for us to have with a bride.

Thank you!

xo Denise