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Good as GOLD!

I had the amazing honor to photograph Monika and Doug’s wedding. Doug and Monika are as good as gold! I was blessed to be introduced to them by my friend Joanie, the owner of Freed’s Bakery. Actually I didn’t know I was going to be their photographer til after I met them. Joanie had asked me to go with her to the venue, M Resort, to check out the lighting and to see what I thought. Upon meeting Doug and Monika Joanie introduced me as their photographer. I was beside myself, because honestly I just thought I was there to help a friend out. I just kept thinking to myself I must of heard her wrong. Then Monika came over and hugged me and said she was happy that I was going to be their photographer. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be their photographer. I meet with Doug and Monika a few times prior to the wedding at their home. Where I also met their furbaby, a Bichon, called Ari. I always felt very welcomed and Doug who is not a hugger would give me hugs! That meant the world to me. Monika on the other hand is a hugger so I always knew I’d get a hug from her. For me I couldn’t of asked for a more amazing couple. I felt like I was family and I was treated as so. I don’t see them as clients because to me they left a part of themselves in my heart. I look forward to photographing them again when they return from Paris!

Before leaving I asked Monika to write a couple of words about their love story.

Thank you Doug and Monika may you be blessed with prosperity, peace and love always!

Thank you Joanie for bringing them into my life!

xo Denise






Our love story didn’t start like those typical romance novels or “love at first sight” movies.  Our 1st encounter was at Wells Fargo Bank.  Doug being the outgoing, charismatic guy he is invited me out to a Justin Timberlake concert; which inevitably would be our 1st date.  The great ending to this first date is that the tickets Doug bought on Craigslist turned out to be FAKE.  I can always remember his face thinking this girl will never go out with me again.   That night didn’t faze me and we still had so much fun.  Shortly after that night I moved in with Doug right after his 2nd kidney transplant and we both can attest that we’ve been through so much in those 4 years before our actual engagement and marriage that no force could ever come between us.  We are both surrounded by a loving family and friends and because we were both born in Las Vegas I feel we will always have a special bond to this City we still reside in today.  When our Wedding Day was finally here; I still couldn’t’ believe it was happening.  All the anticipation and stress over one day was well worth it because we both married our other half.

– Monika Gold

Photography by Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Denise Burridge