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Cupcakes brings Las Vegas Community together after the weekend ambush of two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers and civilian victim.

Freed’s Bakery contacted me in reference to doing a photo essay of the fundraiser. As a prior police officer myself, it meant the world to me to help document this event for Freed’s Bakery! Thank you to the community of Las Vegas for supporting this event during such a horrible time.

The following statements are from Freed’s Bakery:

“As members of the community, as fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and friends of those affected, we’d like to help raise money for the families of those killed in Sunday’s violence. While selling $1.00 cupcakes feels inadequate and meager relative to the overwhelming tragedy of Sunday’s shooting, we’d like to support the community in the best way we know how, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.”  – Freed’s Bakery

On June 12th Freed’s Bakery gave an update of the fundraiser:

Here goes our last and longest Cupcake Fundraiser update…

Yesterday was an AMAZING display by the Las Vegas Community… We’re so grateful to so many people that we’re nervous to even start listing them lest we accidentally miss someone.

We sold over 35,000 CUPCAKES on Wednesday. It’s something we didn’t even consider physically possible Tuesday night as we were frantically packing the orders. We realized too late that we had exceeded our production capabilities… But between our employees, volunteers, and the Las Vegas community we somehow managed to get through the day and raise $52,864.69 in cupcake sales and donations! The money will be divided equally between the families of Officer Igor Soldo, Officer Alyn Beck, and Joseph Wilcox.

A HUGE thank you to our employees who worked around the clock to make sure we had cupcakes to sell and a way to sell them. We’re so proud of the Freed’s Bakery family and their commitment to the fundraiser, many worked over 30 hours between the two days to accomplish what we thought was becoming impossible… And they did it with smiles on their faces.

Thank you to all our INCREDIBLE volunteers… There were so many offers for people to come by to help that we simply couldn’t respond to them all. A very special thank you to the wonderful group of wives of Metro police officers (and their husbands as well), friends, and the IPOF who helped in so many ways we couldn’t possibly list them all here. The fundraiser wouldn’t have been a quarter of what it was without your input, organization, and hard work.

Thank you to all the amazing businesses that donated product, food, materials, or whatever we needed to make the fundraiser as successful as possible: Dawn Foods, Bakemark, Anderson Dairy, DeBarry PackagingLas Vegas Entertainment Productions, and Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers to name a few (Our apologies if we’re forgetting someone!).

Thank you to the media! Thank you to all the news stations who helped get the word out, the anchors who came in early and stayed late, the DJs who carried the message, and to everyone in between who shared, retweeted, liked, and commented to make everyone aware of the opportunity to donate.

And finally, thank YOU. With a line around the building, you waited patiently and with a smile. You stood outside in the Las Vegas heat for your chance to donate to a noble cause and we couldn’t be more grateful.

The Las Vegas Community came together after a horrible tragedy and created something spectacular.

Thank you so much for making us a part of it.” – Freed’s Bakery