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Conversations with Photographer : i BELIEVE


A message on facebook from my husband.


Imagine. Live. You can do it!

I love you…

With this note was the link to the above video by Mateusz M


Anyone who is striving to attain a dream is going to have days that you will wake up wondering

am I on the right path?

am I good “enough”?

am I crazy to try?


It’s okay to have theses thoughts but you have to remember that as soon as one of them comes into your mind you have to say to yourself


YES! I am on the right path

YES! I am good enough!

YES! I am crazy but I’m not going to stop trying to reach my dream!


The first thing to success is knowing that if you fall get up! Push yourself past the pain, the fear and the fear of success! Fear is but an illusion that we tell ourselves. Change your perspective and watch everything around you change too.

The second thing to success is to invest in yourself thru education. Don’t have money? Don’t let that stop you! Go to the library read, read, and read! Search the internet. Knowledge is power and that is something no one can take away from you.

The third thing to success is to separate yourself! Stop trying to be the second best banana! Be the best YOU! If you are a watermelon then own it! Stop comparing yourself to others because they are not where you are. Each of us has our own story. Just because you are still in the preface of your story don’t compare yourself to someone who is on chapter 23 of theirs. With anything it takes time to read to chapter 23 so stop trying to rush thru your story to get there. Enjoy it because every chapter that you write for yourself is going to be a one of a kind masterpiece.

The fourth thing is you have the power to be anything you want to be! The only think you have to do to reach it is thru the power of thought and positive self esteem. Don’t be a victim to the past! You have the power to make change but know to bring about change there must be change. Like a recipe if you don’t like the outcome then you are going to have to change something in that recipe. Without change you will always produce the same.


You can become what you want to be. The only thing you have to do is say “I BELIEVE”