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Conversations with Photographer : being naked | Las Vegas Lifestyle PhotographerDenise Burridge


being naked can be freeing.

remember when you were younger (or now) and you would run around the house naked?

My children were free like that. Walk in the house and no more than two seconds went by and you could follow them in by the trail of clothing they left in their wake.

being naked can be raw.

opening yourself up to being vulnerable.

to love. yourself.

being naked can be peaceful.

to forgive the past, embrace the now and to be at peace with the future.

being naked can be great.

you are great.

you come from greatness.


“… greatness is equally inherent in all and maybe manifested by all. every person may become great …” Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great, chapter 22



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This last weekend we went on a family vacation. I brought my camera with all the intentions of documenting the trip.

Until it happened…..

KB, my wonderful husband, who stands by me 100% with my photography journey said,

you are grounded. no camera

It was as if time stopped, my chest felt tight and the thought of not having my camera with me left me feeling naked. Immediately I was “but… I won’t have images of the goats, our vacation at Legoland, all the FUN we are going to have.”

KB knew that yes I would get to document all of that and more but in reality I would be missing out too. There’s a fine line between being really there and documenting. I wouldn’t of been able to have gone on the rides, due to having my camera. Yes, Mark (camera’s name) is insured but that wouldn’t of eased my anxiety, to leave it with the Legoland personnel, while I was enjoying the ride. Umm yeah right. Not that Legoland personnel aren’t honest but I still would have been nervous. So reluctantly I left the camera, iPhone and iPad behind at the hotel room. Yes, I was completely unplugged. I don’t know how many of you remember having meet up spots, incase you were separated while at a park or big venue. Well that was us this weekend. We went back in time to when there were no iPhones, iPads or any other electronic device. Believe it or not. We had an AMAZING time at Legoland. Why because I embraced being naked. I don’t have photographs to share but I do have the precious memories of being completely in the moment.

So are photographs important, yes!

But being naked is important too!

The above photograph was taken just before we checked out of the Naval Base Gateway Inn and Suites. We miss the beach dearly after living on Okinawa for almost 4 yrs. Milk Monster asked to fly with the seagulls. My response, “Go fly with them” The above photograph is the result of him being naked. Being free to FLY!

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