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Before and After 1WM

28 days with Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE has been a wonderful journey.
Attending in person, online and skype workshops are very important to mastering my craft.

The 28 days with Sue Bryce workshop is an over all look into posing, shooting, marketing selling and everything else that is important to running a successful portrait photography business. The 28 days with Sue Bryce course covers 28 different topics essential to a successful portrait business. For myself when I’m taking a course it’s not always about business and technique but also about self discovery. As a business owner whose product is a direct reflection of how you see the world can sometimes leave you feeling vulnerable. A photograph for me is the embodiment of three elements: the artist, the subject and the viewer. Isn’t that an amazing collaboration of perspectives. Not two people are ever going to view an image the same because of it. Just like two photographers can never take the same exact picture because they will never see it the same way. Learning from others to master your craft is always important but know that your work will always be a reflection of how you see life.

The above image is a before and after assignment from the 28 day with Sue Bryce. For me the before image is just an image there is no story, no essence or character. The second one shows the beauty and confidence of the subject, her wonderful character and her personality. I am honored that she trusted me to show her thru my art the way I see her.

Come back as I will be posting more images from the workshop!

prosperity, peace and love